What Google’s move to Alphabet means to us



The unlikely geeks emerge

We all have been immensely blessed by the services Google offered over the past decade. I still remember how mind blown me and my buddies in college felt when Gmail was launched with 1GB of free space compared to 100MB (if i recall correctly) which Hotmail offered during that time. Google has grown tremendously since, with Youtube being a household name via acquisition and Android taking over the world and not forgetting Google itself evolving itself from a sage on top of a mountain to your trusty wingman through Google Now.

There has been a couple of shuffles in Google over the past few years. This is very common in the IT sector but most of the time restructuring usually happens when companies struggle to stay afloat. But what Google did with the announcement of Alphabet was somewhat radical and unexpected because everything was going fine the way it was.

From AT&T to IBM to GE to Microsoft, tech companies have always searched for a way to avoid becoming the next incumbent that gets complacent and then disrupted. Google tried X, now it’s trying Alphabet. — The Verge

The Billion Dollar question is whether is Google to Alphabet a rebranding exercise or was it something bigger than all that?

My Take

I believe there are a FIVE desired outcomes with the introduction of Alphabet.

  1. Google becomes a part of the puzzle than the main solution itself.
  2. Entities within Alphabet like Youtube, Google X, Android and so on gets more freedom by operating as individual entities than align to Google’s vision.
  3. Even though structurally the Larry, Page and Brin still are overseeing Alphabet, they get to venture into new moonshot projects.
  4. Decentralizing helps Alphabet operate as a funding source and bring a startup culture to the overall business. This also helps make acquisitions easier and integrating it better. Do the remaining entities need to be profitable to exist is yet to be seen.
  5. Sundar Pichai. He has been the talk of the town after he took over Android and has been the crowd favorite. I do have a gut feeling that its going to give rise to many tech superstars like him.


At the end of the day its business as usual and there will be more offerings from Alphabet to the world. Would it deliver the same shock and awe experience we all did in the early 2000s? Lets sit this one out.

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