What Samsung really showed to the world on Unpacked 2015


Today Samsung introduced the 2015 edition of their next-gen in the Note series with the the introduction of Galaxy Note 5. They also surprised the crowd with the long rumoured Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and followed by a sneak peak onto the upcoming Samsung Gear S2 watch.

Let’s break it down

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The new Galaxy Note 5 is a beast in itself when looking at the specs. But the design reminded me so much of the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro with its inspired back. I didn’t feel there was any new as it was heavily S6 inspired. They did take fast charging to the next level with the Super fast wireless charging. While watching the presentation I assumed they would be using the reversible micro usb (found on Kickstarter) but it was not.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

It’s basically a big Galaxy S6 Edge. That’s it. They may have been pushed to introduce that with the success of Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. The specs may be all jacked up but I feel the experience remains the same with that of the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Keyboard Cover

The new Note 5 Keyboard Cover accessory was genius and could mimic what Typo aspired to do with the iPhone. I also foresee the keyboard cover being a serious contender for Blackberry and it’s future.

Samsung Pay

The Samsung Pay presentation was a reiteration of what they presented earlier at the launch of the Galaxy S6. It focused primarily on their roll out plans for world domination. What I liked about Samsung Pay was it was immediately usable and didn’t require fancy tech. Samsung has the bandwidth to taker over the rest of the world compared to Apple and it might success at this for once.

Samsung Gear S2

The next gen Gear was introduced via a trailer. It’s round, classy with a familiar design and horrible UI. My toes curled when I saw the interface for the Heart Rate monitor. It’s a not an Android Wear device and I see Tizen raising it ugly head again. More details to be seen on their upcoming presentation on September in Berlin.


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ looks unsurprising and very familiar, S6 familiar. Samsung is good in adding new technologies but shy of removing old tech, which Apple is good at. They kept touting about single hand usage but I’ll just keep it at that as its nothing to rave about and is purely a design choice. Samsung, I believe is looking to releasing big screened phones together for future releases. This is aligned much better with their manufacturing schedule. The surprising aspect in all this was the phones would be available on the 20th of August, just a week away.

Let me know your thoughts on Samsung’s Unpacked 2015 launch.

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