Thoughts on Ashley Madison hack and why its just the tip of the iceberg


Privacy in his digital age is an illusion

What we share online is as open as it gets. No level of checked “I Agree” is strong enough to hold the fort. What you share on any platform is owned by the folks who run them.
I’m not telling you what to and what not to share but at least know that it would be good to keep a track of what you are willing to give away.

What do i mean by sharing?

Sharing is not only the deliberate action you take to put things on social media but the voluntary access you give to online services to access your data. Dropbox, Google Photos, SkyDrive and iCloud Photo backup are all those services in this case. Once you agreed to the T&Cs, you are pretty much a hamster on the Ferris wheel of supplying data.
So is it bad to do that? Absolutely not!
Don’t get me wrong, I love these services and I am glad that these information gets backed up automatically. I no longer dread when I see my external hard disk crash with all my wedding photos in it.
Tech giants really want users and they’ll do anything to get you onboard. They offer you, Unlimited space, bandwidth, sharing, editing, streaming…name it you have it. They even have world class security with 256 bit encryption. But the sad truth is all these services are bound to get hacked. If it hasn’t, it’s only a matter of time. Either companies caught up with the latest or hackers catch up. Ashley Madison is no exception to that rule.
The world is so fessed up about it because Ashley Madison stood for something outrageous.

Redrawing new boundaries

Ashley Madison is a business like anything else and only a few make their name by creating new boundaries. Look at PirateBay, LimeWire, Napster to name a few who redefined the movie and music industry by paving way for Apple Music, Spotify, Rdio and so on.
Were they rogues? Of course they were! but did they make us rethink and reconsider a new approach? None of that is the big picture we all ought to see. With the recent hack more proactive approach is taken in implementing new laws, guidelines and requirements to establish better services. But it also establishes new awareness and boundaries for us.
All this is a win for the public…but at a price.

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